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Minneapolis, MN

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Vanilla Candles

Good news for those who are wild about all things vanilla. Mia Bella Candles come in a variety of wildly popular vanilla scent combinations.

Why are Vanilla Candles So Popular?

The natural smell of vanilla stimulates the release of the brain chemical serotonin, a hormone that promotes feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

The Vanilla scent is so good at conjuring feelings of warmth and familiarity. And nothing says "warmth" more than a candle. So this combination of vanilla and candles has the power to evoke vivid and pleasant memories.


"I won Angel Wings in a drawing box contest. From the first time I lit it, I fell in love. It's what led me to become a distributor with Scent-Sations myself. After over a year, it's still one of my favorite scents and I burn it all the time."
~ Jennifer, IN

Cherry Vanilla Candles - Angel Wings

Angel Wings - 9oz Jar $13.95 Retail, $7.95 Wholesale

A unique scent of Cherry Vanilla; one of our most popular candle scents.


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Chili Vanilli Jar Candle

Chili Vanilli:
Blended in perfect harmony, the unique, refreshing scent of Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper mixed with Vanilla produces an amazing fragrance.

16oz Jar $19.95 Retail, $10.95 Wholesale


Find out how you can get candles wholesale rather than retail!

Cinnamon Vanilla Jar Candle

Cinnamon Vanilla:
Delectable Cinnamon Sticks are blended with Nutmeg & Clove and just the right amount of vanilla cream adds a touch of sweetness.

16oz Jar $19.95 Retail, $10.95 Wholesale


"I have a customer that is very sensitive to all fragrances (candles, perfume, and etc.) and has severe allergies. I gave her one of our French Vanilla candles to try and she loved it. She said that it was the first scented candle that she was able to burn without it giving her problems. She bought 10 more!."
~ Bev, WA

French Vanilla Candles - Mia Bella Candles

French Vanilla - 16oz Jar $19.95 Retail, $10.95 Wholesale

A creamy confection that is always one of our best selling candles.

It's an ideal choice for any occasion and a perfect backdrop to any room of the house. It appeals to both men, women, and children alike. It's a universally liked fragrance.



Stress No More - Relax with Mia Bella

 Because of the relaxing properties that vanilla offers, we have added it to our Stress No More Candles.


A calming combination of Lavender and Vanilla to relieve stress by creating a serene and tranquil environment.

16oz Jar $19.95 Retail, $10.95 Wholesale



Coming soon! Lavender Chamomile
French lavender, soothing chamomile and sage make a relaxing blend topped off with undertones of vanilla musk.


"Upon introduction of the Odor No More, which has Vanilla in it, it climbed to the best scented candles list and some months actually out-sells our all-star, Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper."
~ Charlie, PA

Odor Eliminating Candles - Odor No More

Odor No More - Wickless Candles, 12 wax tarts
$11.95 Retail, $5.95 Wholesale

Madagascar Vanilla and exotic herbs to mask any unwelcome odor. Always a fan favorite.


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"I love the Spa Sations Collection of Mia Bella Candles. This sophisticated line, with the beautiful frosted glass, brings an elegance to my home. I have many of these decorating my home... on the jacuzzi, on my night stand. My favorite is the Vanilla Musk."
~ Cathy, MN

Vanilla Musk - Spa Sations

Vanilla Musk - Spa Sations Candles
$19.95 Retail, $12.95 Wholesale

A harmonious rich blend of sensual musk with nuances of vanilla pod and crystal amber that invokes a sweet balance to transport the spirit and senses.


Vanilla is one of the most loved fragrances around the world. Contact me to request a scent sample of one of our best selling vanilla candles!

Find out how you can get your vanilla candles wholesale rather than retail!


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