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Cathy Mahady, Mia Bellas Candle Director

Cathy Mahady
Independent Distributor
Emerald Director
Team Leader and
Business Coach

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Minneapolis, MN

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Residual Income Opportunities - Let's define residual income

If you are asking yourself, "Is this one of THOSE things?" spend some time here and get educated about what it is this career choice really entails for millions of people worldwide who are living their dreams.

Only a few minutes of your time that's it. And who knows, taking the time to get the facts about residual income opportunities may very well change your mind and change your life.

Once you dismiss the myths, assumptions, and falsehoods, you might just discover that Network Marketing IS what you've been looking for all along.


How Do We Use Networking in Our Everyday Lives?

We all participate in Network Marketing when we share information about something we like so others may make better decisions we just don't get paid for it.

You know, like when you tell someone about a great little restaurant you discovered across town, or recommend the latest Hollywood block buster, or you tell your friend the smart phone app that is meeting your needs and think it will do the same for them.


Scent-Sations, Inc Offers Residual Income Opportunities

Network Marketing is simply a system for distributing goods and services through networks of independent distributors. In fact, many traditional companies are turning to this business model because of its proven effectiveness in delivering product. They recognize that in the technology age, distribution needs to be done differently.

Distributors earn residual income...ie, MONEY, by recommending and selling products they believe in directly to the customer and also by mentoring others who will be so satisfied with the product that they want to become part of the sales organization as well.

Since you're here, I assume you

  • Are tired of working for someone else

  • Want to earn what you're worth

  • Want to determine your own hours

  • Want to stop putting your kids into daycare for someone else to raise

  • Want to STOP living paycheck to paycheck

The Risk is Low, The Potential is Great!


Network Marketing gives everyone the chance to succeed by simply following an established system without a lot of investment and without a lot of experience, education, or skills. We'll teach you what you need to know.

Residual income opportunities give you the ability to start your own business for under $100.

Where else can you find that kind of potential to create financial freedom for your family for such a small investment?

Take a look at our generous Compensation Plan to see how lucrative your candle business can be!

The network marketing profession works -- it's working for me and it's working for the Light Your Dream Team.

It will work for you if you are

  • Willing to learn and be coached

  • Willing to make an investment of time and resources into your chosen career field

Define Residual Income


Network Marketing is the Most Ethical Business Structure

In traditional corporations, the money flows to the top -- the CEO is compensated differently than those under him. An employee CAN'T earn more than the man at the top -- even if he works just as hard. How fair is that!

And how likely do you think it is that the CEO will be willing to give of himself and his resources to see you reach the same level of success he is having? I'd venture to say NOT very.


TEAM -- Together Everyone Achieves More


In Network Marketing, I as your business PARTNER (not your boss) am just as excited for your success as my own. I know that when I give you the business tools, the training, and teach you the skills to strive for your dreams, the whole team benefits. I WANT to see you succeed. I am not threatened by your achievements, but rather celebrate them.


Define Residual Income -- What Is It?

We'll show you how long-term financial independence can only be obtained through residual income opportunities.

Unlike what happens in a job or traditional business, you may work for just a few years in Network Marketing before you generate a lifetime of residual income. In three to five years, you could make more money in Network Marketing than you would earn working 30 years for someone else.

Residual income opportunities pay you multiple times for the work you did one time, as well as getting paid for the efforts of others on your team.

An employee gets paid ONCE and only paid for the results they produce alone. Invest an hour of your time, get paid an hour. Stop working, stop getting paid.

Residual income has been used by the entertainment, financial, and insurance industries for years. Your car insurance agent works to determine your insurance needs, then provides you with a product that will help you meet that need. The agent gets paid for the initial transaction, but she also gets paid month after month when you renew your policy.

This is how Network Marketing works as well. It is about determining the customer's need and then finding a fit for them with your product or business opportunity. When you have taken the time to solve a problem for a customer, rather than "hard sell" them, you will have a very satisfied customer for which you will receive income again and again.

That's what we mean by not having to be a "salesperson." No one wants to be "sold." In Network Marketing, we are problem solvers. We find a need; we offer a solution. It's that simple.


Residual Income Opportunities


How Is Network Marketing Different Than Traditional Sales?

Network Marketing is unlike traditional sales with territorial boundaries. When the economy is bad in some areas, you can expand beyond to an area where the economy is good. I have partners in all 50 states and parts of Canada. I am fortunate to meet people from all over.

When the economy is good in an area, retail sales will be good.

When the economy is bad, people will be looking for a way to earn income, so recruiting will be successful.

Traditional sales is STILL like a job. Sell a product once and you have to sell it again, to make money again. But with residual income opportunities, you do it once, you make money again, without the need to sell it AGAIN.


Benefits of Residual Income Opportunities

  • No boss to answer to

  • No sales boundaries

  • No office politics

  • No commuting

  • No glass ceiling

  • No "old boys" network

  • No waiting for a slot to open to get a promotion

Did we define residual income for you... in a way that makes sense now? Do you see how residual income opportunities represent a superior business model to the traditional employee role that many live with... just because they haven't YET been educated that there is a better way!

So now YOU have been educated, ready to start a new career and finally earn what you are worth?

If you don't start now, where will you be in 5 10 15 years?

Will you have the kind of life you dream about?


Get Started with Mia Bella's Candles


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