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Cathy Mahady, Mia Bellas Candle Director

Cathy Mahady
Independent Distributor
Emerald Director
Team Leader and
Business Coach

Top Sponsor

Minneapolis, MN

Free Gourmet Candle Business eCourse

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Scent-Sations Candle Business Presentation Options

Online Candle Business Presentation Video

To learn more about our candle company, Scent-Sations, Inc., the gourmet products, and how we make money with Mia Bella Candles, watch our candle business presentation online now.


Take a Virtual Tour of our Facilities

This video tour of our candle manufacturing facility will allow you to see HOW the candles are hand crafted and proudly made in the USA by Scent-Sations, Inc.


Candle Business eCourse

Request the Free Information and Candle Business eCourse to gain access to this exclusive Light Your Dream Team tool.


Free Gourmet Candle Business eCourse


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