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Cathy Mahady, Mia Bellas Candle Director

Cathy Mahady
Emerald Director
Team Leader and
Business Coach

Top Sponsor

Minneapolis, MN

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Cathy Mahady, Emerald Director with Scent-Sations, Inc.


Speaking at Scent-Sations Company Convention

What an incredible journey it has been. I began my association with Mia Bella Candles in October 2003. I didn't seek out a candle company to build my future upon. I did, however, want to find a ground floor opportunity that had a consumable, quality product that people really would buy, a management team who would always make decisions with the distributor's best interest at heart, and a reliable team that would be there for ongoing training and support.

“Excelling seems to come naturally for her as part of her personality. Despite the amount of time and energy Cathy puts into her work, she continues to always be willing to help others, which happens frequently since she is so well respected and known for her reliable knowledge. She listens to others' dreams and then passionately does everything within her capabilities of enabling them to succeed.” Tracy, MN

After being introduced to a Mia Bella Candle, I decided that I could SELL this candle, but I was NOT going to recruit. I had tried that in several other companies, and it didn't work for me. But because of my life circumstances at the time with a teenager, who was heavily involved with three different Varsity level sports and a preschooler, to whom I am a full-time mom, I wanted more flexibility.

Cathy Mahady and Charlie UmphredSo I determined that the best way to build my business was to recruit. I discovered that my passion is to teach, coach, and mentor others to success so it became a perfect match for me to team build. Now this is the ironic part, it's a joke in the company that Cathy was not going to recruit, then became a Top Ten Sponsor in 2006, 2007, 2008, and every year since!

So, what changed? It became apparent to me that with this product and this company it was not necessary for me to beg, prod, or try to convince others that this was what they needed to do. It was something my new partners quickly determined for themselves that this was an opportunity they wanted to be a part of. Once they made the decision, my passion to help them accomplish the dream was realized.

"I would like to say that I don't think that I have ever had the experience of working with anyone that is more dedicated, hardworking, enthusiastic a person than Cathy. She always conducts herself with professionalism and dignity no matter what the circumstances, and in doing so, shows herself to have magnificent character." Andrea, MN

The beauty of our program is that it allows a new or inexperienced network marketer to find success immediately by retailing the product. As it takes time to develop the skills needed to be an effective team builder / recruiter / coach, potential business partners need a low monthly autoshipment that fits into the family budget. They need a product that is easily and successfully retailed to bring in money right away.

Then as their skills develop and their comfort level expands and they gain confidence in the product, the company, the industry, and me as their mentor, they are then able to take the tools that the Light Your Dream Team provides and begin to realize a bigger dream and begin to build a team of partners. They begin to see the vision of residual income and what it means to their generational wealth.

Bob Scocozzo and Cathy MahadyMANY distributors on my team are now building, thus we have many solid and diverse legs that resulted from easy duplication of a proven system. The success I am having is not unique and it's something that others can dream about too — it IS achievable and realistic for many.


I just got an email from a brand-new team member that began his journey today after receiving his first product kit. I get goose bumps when I hear people passionately share their desires for a better life dreams they want to accomplish. And then they discover how easy it is to share Mia Bella Candles with others and that they truly believe they are in the right place, at the right time, with the right team. Wow, that is why I do this!

My family has always come first, but that didn't stop me from wanting to continue a career from home. My husband, Dan, my son, Adam, my daughter, Shalynn they are WHY I do this business. I want to be fully available for my family, but I also have a huge desire to build our future.

I'd love to take this journey with you too. We would be honored to have you be a part of our Light Your Dream Team. Please don't hesitate to contact me with how I may assist you in Lighting Your Dream!

Cathy Mahady

"You impressed me from our first conversation with your attention to details, your many but awesome questions and then your eagerness to learn. Some folks are leaders, others are followers then a few, like you, are students, ready and willing to learn all they can to TEACH their own team as it builds. Those that you sponsor are and will be so very, very lucky!"
Kathy Schneider, TX

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imaged."
~ Henry David Thoreau


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