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Cathy Mahady, Mia Bellas Candle Director

Cathy Mahady
Independent Distributor
Emerald Director
Team Leader and
Business Coach

Top Sponsor

Minneapolis, MN

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How to Start a Candle Business


Remember running out the door on a warm spring day and taking in the delightful bouquet of the Lilac bushes in the yard?

Or the pleasing tradition of homemade Hot Apple Pie wafting from a warm oven during the holidays when friends and family gather?

Or the wonderful taste of those cool Orange Creamsicles you got from the ice cream truck when you were a kid and summer days seemed endless?

This is what starting a candle business is all about... creating and reliving these kinds of memories (and many more) with 100 clean burning natural wax candle scents. These gourmet candle scents are so strong, you don't even have to burn it to get the real essence. The best scented candles fill a room as they simply decorate it. 


Are you ready to take advantage of this kind of fun with your own home based candle business with Mia Bella Candles?

Great - want to know how to start a candle business...

Here's what's next:

1. Complete the Monthly Program agreement now. You may submit the registration form online for fast, easy, and secure processing.

If you choose to download a printable version of the Program agreement to mail or fax in, it will be necessary to include:

  • My name, "Cathy Mahady" in the Sponsor Name field
  • "952-239-0635" in the Phone Number field
  • and "1291" in the ID Number field

2. You will then be asked to select your choice of a monthly bundle program. You may either select a specific, pre-selected product shipment featuring the Fragrance of the Month or choose product credit (Bella Bucks) that you can use over the next year to purchase the product you personally desire.

The most popular option is the Fragrance of the Month package. For this option, you will be billed $44.95 monthly, plus applicable Shipping and Sales Tax.

Fragrance of the Month consists of:
(2) 16oz Jar Candles in the Fragrance of the Month
(1) Package of Flameless Mia Melts in the Fragrance of the Month
Personalized Company Website

This is the ONLY requirement to maintain active distributor status. There are NO other sales quotas to meet. You can simply then place product orders anytime to fulfill your personal and business needs.

Your personalized company website is included in all the monthly website bundle options. So be ready with a username that you would like to market your candle business with. For example, my company website is www.scent-team.com/coachingthedream


3. Next, you'll be asked to select your Initial Enrollment Package option. See our Getting Started Package Options*.

The most popular (and highly recommended) Mia Bella's Enrollment Package option is the Kick Start Product Bundle for $99.95, (plus applicable Shipping and Sales Tax). This Mia Bella's Enrollment Package option provides you with product and marketing materials to Kick Start your new candle business.

Mia Bella's Candles Kick Start Product Bundle

* Pricing, Contents and Bonuses associated with the Packages may change at any time, without notice. Please ask me about current pricing, items and specials.

Here's what your Kick Start Product Bundle includes:

  • Six of our most popular 16oz Candles
  • One of our Bella Blast car fresheners
  • Pack of 100 Mini Melts for sampling
  • One Pack of 25 Custom Label Brochures
  • One Pack of 25 Opportunity Brochures
  • One Pack of 25 Fundraising Brochures
  • One Set of 15 Fundraising Sample Kits   


4. Email or call me to introduce yourself. I can't wait to meet you!


5. Have a question first about how to start a candle business with Mia Bella Candles, call me at 952-239-0635 or email me now.


6. Then my work begins. I want to show you step by step how to create a thriving Gourmet Candle Business from Home. You will receive all the training necessary and have access to an incredible team, the Light Your Dream Team, who will support you all the way.


Get Started with YOUR Mia Bella Candle Business!

Get Started with Mia Bella's Candles


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