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Cathy Mahady, Mia Bellas Candle Director

Cathy Mahady
Team Leader and
Business Coach

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2014, 2015
Top Ten Sponsor

Minneapolis, MN

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December 31, 2014

Happy New Year from MiaBellasGourmetCandles.com

2014 has definitely had it's ups and it's downs. It came with good and bad times. Times to grow through the pain and times to be extremely grateful.

Looking forward to a new and exciting 2015!


December 30, 2014

Win A Candle - Candle Contest

Win a Candle!
Enter to Win by Simply Answering the Candle Contest Question!

Many people have New Year resolutions that quickly fade by mid February.

I like to set goals for the New Year in several areas of life such as Spiritual, Career, Health, Personal Development, Relationships, and Finances.

Candle Contest Question:
What is one goal you would like to achieve in 2015?

Answer and be entered to Win a Free Candle!

Maybe starting a business is a goal? Learn about the candle business!
Make Money with Candles

Choose one of our 4 ways to earn!

December 27, 2014

The new year is fast approaching... are you beginning to think about what you'll accomplish in 2015?

Set Goals - Watch Your Dreams Come True

Now is the time to give it some thought. What does reaching your dreams look like to you?

  • wealthier?
  • more relaxed?
  • happier?
  • healthier?
  • more fulfilled?

It's time to start believing that your dream is possible. Ignite the passion in your work and life and inspire success. Don't let your dream remain just that ... a dream.

I am looking for 5 people that want to accomplish their dream and set 2015 on fire. Is that you? Contact me and I'll show you how your best days are ahead of you!!

The Dream

December 25, 2014


I wish you all incredible joy and happiness this day...that you find what matters most and are able to give thanks for all the good in your life. Merry Christmas, thank you for enriching my life!


December 22, 2014

Christmas Scents - Sale - 25% Off

Christmas Scents Sale - Select Scents 25% Off!
Shop for Christmas Scents Now


December 21, 2014

Mia Bella Candles News - Scent-Sations Newsletter - Dec 2015

Read Mia Bella Candle News Now

Show on the Go Successes

“My husband, Jeff, did his own Show on the Go at work last week. Came home last night with $313 worth of orders! So proud of him!”
Alison Boers

“Just received this message from one of my Show on the Go hostesses:
I want to start my own Mia Bella business how do I get started!!!”
Molly B Calvert

Business is so much more than just about the business (or the money), it's about who you BECOME in the process. Check out the great story from Ann Heinrichs about how her business is giving her the confidence to reach her dreams.

Congratulations to the $400 Club Members
Cynthia McJordan
Layne Townsendd
Lucinda Bogue
Lisa Meiluta
Jocelyn Faller

Congratulations to the $300 Club Members
Diane Cline
Bobbie Timm

And the $200 Club Members
Amelia Zappa
Alison Boers
Jerri Alexander
Chantelle Smalley
Brenda Lamb
Tammy Musselman
Scott Olson
Teresa Willis Kellogg

Gold Circle Top Sponsoring Distributor
Alison Boers

Find Out What's Happening at Scent-Sations

December 15, 2014

Christmas Scents -  Stock Up!

Coming down to the last days to order your Christmas Scents to arrive in time for Christmas!

Gourmet Scented Candles are a great gift to have on hand. Everyone loves candles, you can't go wrong. You KNOW there will be that unexpected need for a quick gift.

Who's on your Christmas Gift Giving List?

Daycare Providers
Any Service Provider that you want to thank
Hostesses of those parties you'll be attending...
and on and on.

Be prepared with our Mia Bella Candles Christmas Scents!

December 8, 2014

Holiday Retail Special

Purchase $99 or more and receive ONE Green Holiday Simmer Pot FREE!

Suggested Retail $23.95... at no extra charge to you. Happy Holidays!

All shipping to USA is $5.95 flat rate.

Buy Candles

Free Simmer Pot - Online Special

December 7, 2014

ONE DAY ONLY - December 8:  9:00am to Midnight EST

While this website is primarily dedicated to our Mia Bella Candles, Scent-Sations has another wonderful product line that I am in love with. It's our Dermal Renu Anti Aging Skincare.

Dermal Renu - Anti Glycation Skin Care

"I never thought in all my life my skin could make a difference in such an amazing way. I have received numerous compliments on my skin. I can honestly say I feel and look 10 years younger. I have tried way too many products and this one is absolutely the best !!" ~ Sunami

First time ever that we are offering a discount on our Dermal Renu Anti Glycation Skin Care System... 15% off on Manic Monday!

Learn More about our Dermal Renu Products

Take Advantage of the 15% Off


December 5, 2014

Mia Bella Christmas Scents - On Sale for 20% Off

Mia Bella Candles Christmas Scents - Sale Ends Tomorrow

We have never offered 20% off before, so be sure to take advantage of filling your home with wonderful Christmas Scents and do some shopping for gifts too at this incredible savings.

Shop Candles Online

Christmas Pine
Night Before Christmas
Snowberry Pine
Very Berry Christmas
Snow Place Like Home

Can't decide - at these savings, get them ALL!

December 4, 2014

Christmas Scents on Sale during Cyber Week

Cyber Week continues for TWO more days. Our most popular Christmas Scents are on sale for 20% OFF... but only until December 6th!

Mia Bella Candles Christmas Scents make wonderful gifts. Show you care with something special from our sculptured line of Christmas designs.

Shop Candles Online


December 3, 2014

Christmas Scents - Christmas Tree Pine Candle

I have this sculptured candle in my home, on the other side of my office. Without burning it, I can smell the wonderful pine scent. It feels like I have a live Christmas tree in my office. Makes me excited for this time of year, experiencing the holidays at it's best. These sculptured candles do double duty... beautifully decorate for the Christmas season and then toward the end of the season provide a wonderful burning experience.

20% off until December 6th

Shop Candles Online

Christmas Scents - Christmas Pine Candles



December 2, 2014

TEXAS Mia Bella Candle Distributors Needed!


Texas Event - Mia Bella Candles Looking for Distributors

Scent-Sations and Mia Bella Candles is coming to TEXAS!

The Free to Relax Team will be hosting a training event in San Antonio on
January 23, 2015

Why You Want to Attend the Texas Event?

Scent-Sations is a network marketing company that offers products that retail for immediate cash flow while building residual income. At the Texas event, you will receive all the training you need in order to learn how to produce that immediate cash flow while building a team at the same time!

-- Learn how to put an extra $750 in your pocket, month after month! At the Texas event, leaders who have experienced RESULTS will give you step-by-step training. We will teach you how to utilize the Show on the Go program to add an extra $750 in your pocket month, after month, after month!

-- Learn how to consistently sponsor 3-5 new team members per month! Leaders will teach you proven methods – online and offline – to help you build a team and grow your residual income!

Scent-Sations is very unique in the direct sales field. We have wonderful products that can be retailed for immediate profit. While also providing the ability to share the business with others, allowing you to create long term residual income. We have the best of both worlds!

If you are anywhere in Texas or know anyone in Texas, let's get you started today so that you can attend this event in January.

December 1, 2014

Shop Candles on Cyber Monday - Great Deals

Cyber Monday! Well ... we are gonna give you all week to take advantage of the great Cyber Deals!

20% Off of our Most Popular Christmas Scents!

16 Oz Jar
Christmas Essence
Christmas Pine
Christmas Pine (White)
Holidays In Paradise
Holiday Memories
Home For Christmas
Night Before Christmas
Snow Place Like Home
Snowberry Pine
Very Berry Christmas

Signature Jar
Christmas Tree
Holiday Wreath
Midnight Ride
Sleigh Bells
Winter Wonderland


Stock up for the holidays and save 20%


December 1, 2014

Scent-Sations Candle of the Month Is...

Hot Apple Pie

Mia Bella Candles Best Seller - Hot Apple Pie - Candle of the Month

Fragrance: Hot Apple Pie
Stock Number: JR13300
Description: Watch out! This smells so much like hot baked apple pie that your family will think you are always baking!

Order Hot Apple Pie Now - Your family will thank you for it!


November 30, 2014

Love this time of year... filling my home with wonderful Christmas Scents and decorative unique candles. But I then also get the joy of sharing that with others when I gift them with our Gourmet Scented Candles.

Another joy is also the gift we can offer others who want to make a change in their lives. I teach and coach others to sell Mia Bella Candles, but it's more than that, I get to be a part of their journey to something more, something bigger! On this Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I am reminded of how lucky and grateful I am to be a part of the Mia Bella Family and the Free to Relax Team.

My goal planning for 2015 begins now. And my goals are BIGGER than anything in 2014.

If you have lost sight of your dreams and need help finding them again, I invite you find out why I am "Coaching The Dream"

If you haven't yet burned a Mia Bella Candle, I invite you to Order Your Favorite Christmas Scent

If you ever thought about making money with candles, I invite you to Watch Our Business Presentation

I'd love to welcome you into our Mia Bella Family as a valued customer or a distributor.

November 29, 2014


Mia Bellas Gourmet Candles is a Small Business - Support Small Business Saturday


November 28, 2014

Sale Ends Today!

Holiday Scents discounted 15%

Candles - Holiday Scents on Sale

Holiday Sale - Save on Holiday Candles Now15% Off Mia Bella Scents

Series - Midnight Ride
This incredible fragrance blend contains hints of cinnamon and cloves to spice up your home during the holiday season or anytime of year.

November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from Mia Bella's Gourmet Candles

November 25, 2014

Nearly half of consumers plan to buy holiday gifts online this year. (Google)

Mia Bella Candles can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home for a flat rate of $5.95. We have wonderful holiday fragrances to scent and decorate your home.

These WONDERFUL hand painted sculptured candles make unique candle gifts.

Order Unique Candles Online

Mia Bella Holiday Scents

Signature Series - Midnight Ride
This incredible fragrance blend contains hints of cinnamon and cloves to spice up your home during the holiday season or anytime of year.
On Sale now for only $21.21

So no matter what you're looking for, we have unique candles that will make a huge impression on your gift recipient.

November 23, 2014

Check out our full color Mia Bella Candles Catalog Online. Shop from the comfort of your home. Flat rate shipping of only $5.95, no matter how much you buy!

Tis the Season - fill your home with these wonderful holiday scents.

Mia Bella Candles Catalog - View Online Now

November 22, 2014

Christmas Scents - Christmas Candles

Christmas Scents on sale until November 28th! Save 15% now.

Snow Place Like Home 16oz Jar
A comforting blend of warm spices combined with the sweet tart essence of cranberries makes this one a winner for those cozy fall and winter days.

Snowberry Pine 16oz Jar
Snowberry Pine - This incredible scent is a blend of Balsam Pine, with semi-sweet winter berries, and an exhilarating hint of mint. A perfect holiday fragrance!

Christmas Pine 16oz Jar
The wonderful Christmas tree aroma of the holiday season is now available any time you want! Incredibly realistic scent will have your friends thinking that fake tree is real!

Very Berry Christmas 16oz Jar
Enjoy the Holidays with this luscious fragrance infused with a blend of sweet and juicy berries such as blueberry, acai berry, and mulberry. A berry lovers delight!

Night Before Christmas 16oz Jar
A wintry blend of a woodsy forest base complimented with pine notes.


November 19, 2014

Celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Women Entrepreneurship Day

Women's Entrepreneurship Day will be celebrated at the United Nations in New York City in partnership with Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) and the US Department of State on November 19th, 2014

“We will celebrate the unwavering positives that women entrepreneurs bring to the global economy as well as empower and support future generations.”
- Wendy Diamond – CEO and Founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day


  • According to a 2013 business survey, in the U.S. alone, there are approximately 8.6 million female-owned businesses, with $1.3 trillion in revenue, employing 7.8 million people
  • Women-owned businesses are set to grow 90% over the next 5 years, with 500,000 new businesses in the U.S. alone each year

Ready to Become a Woman Entrepreneur?
Join Us in Making Money with Candles!


November 18, 2014

Mia Bella News - Scent-Sations Newsletter

Read Mia Bella News Now

Scent-Sations' "Show on the Go with Candles" continues to be a big hit with our Free to Relax Team Members:

"My husband did a short (only 5 days) SOTG and he rocked it! Five orders and over a $100 in sales. He wanted to test the waters but I guess he had fun because he says he wants to do another! He has been such a great supporter of my business venture! I picked a good one when I said "I do!" ~~ Sandra Blake

Read Sandra's Husband's Story..."My Supporting Role As My Wife Builds Her Business!!!"

“I opened a new SOTG this morning... with a man who has had it for an hour and he's already called asking, "How can I become a distributor? I want to make money with these candles!"~~ Kathy Schneider

"I can not express enough how important living the lifestyle is. You do not have to be advertising your business or feel like you're nagging people to let them know about your business. I was at work last night talking with a customer. (I manage at a restaurant.) It was nearing closing time so I had a few minutes of down time to chit chat. The gentleman at the table was discussing the different aspects of his business. I simply said "I completely understand. I experience the same things with my candle business."

This perked quite a bit of interest from the lady at the table. We got to talking. HUGE candle fanatic. Grabbed scent samples and a candle I had in my car for her. I will be calling her tomorrow to schedule her SOTG and who knows where it will go from there. I'm always mentioning my candle business to people I meet. If they ask about it GREAT, if not that's okay too. It's all about making people aware and you can do it in very subtle ways."~~ Molly B Calvert

Congratulations to Molly Calvert for her promotion to Diamond Plus Distributor in October... the result of her success with her "Show on the Go."

Congratulations to the following Free to Relax Team Members for Top Volume:
$400 Club Members
Brenda Lamb
Scott Olson

$300 Club Members
Tammy Musselman
Delia Pinto
Lisette Bouchard
Layne Townsend
Marlene Techeira

$200 Club Members
Jerri Alexander
Sandra Blake
Chantelle Smalley
Diane Cline
Ann Heinrichs
Lisa Meiluta
Kathi King
Maryellen and Domenick Camorote
Molly Calvert

Congratulations to the following Free to Relax Team Members for Top Sponsoring:
Alison Boers
Molly Calvert

Congratulations to the following Free to Relax Team Members for Top Online Sales:
Lisa Meiluta
Kathy King


November 11, 2014

Celebrate Veterans Day

Scent-Sations Celebrates Veterans Day

"On this Veterans Day, let us remember the service of our veterans, and let us renew our national promise to fulfill our sacred obligations to our veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much so that we can live free."
Dan Lipinski

Scent-Sations Inc is a company that has always valued our nation's veterans and attempted to honor them with our "Hometown Heroes" program by giving their family a free 16oz. candle. If you know of anyone who you think should be the next Scent-Sations Hometown Hero, please send a detailed e-mail and any pictures to me and we'll feature them in our Monthly Mia Bella Candles Newsletter.

Cathy at CoachingTheDream@gmail.com

Read stories of Mia Bella Heroes

November 7, 2014

Tis' The Season- Just For Our Hostesses
Exclusive Purchase Opportunity for a Hostess sharing her "Show on the Go"

30% off our beautiful Holiday Package. Regularly $84.75, but just for our Hostesses in the month of November and December, it's only $59.50!

Holiday Package Includes:
Christmas Tree Signature Candle - Let this holiday tree light up your life with the wonderful aroma of pine with this one of a kind sculpted candle.
Cherry Bakery Pie - could there be anything better? Enjoy the fragrance without the calories! This beautiful pie looks and smells like it’s fresh from oven!
Home for Christmas 16 oz Jar -This candle has an incredible fragrance blend containing hints of cinnamon and cloves to spice up your home during the holiday season.
Candy Cane 16 oz Jar - The sweet, classic scent of peppermint.


I Want to Book a Show on the Go and Earn this Exclusive Hostess Special!


November 4, 2014

Scent-Sations Holiday Sculptured Candles - On Sale

Candles are not only used for their awesome scents, but also for their wonderful decorative abilities. And no candle decorates as lovely as the Mia Bella Signature Line.

Sleigh Bells, Midnight Ride, Christmas Tree, Winter Wonderland, and Holiday Wreath are on sale now!  15% off until November 28th.

Holiday Sculptured Candles On Sale

November 2, 2014

Scent-Sations Candle of the Month Is...

Home for Christmas!

Home for Christmas Natural Wax Candle

Fragrance: Home for Christmas
Stock Number: JR16500
Description: One of our biggest holiday sellers, this candle has an incredible fragrance blend containing hints of cinnamon and cloves to spice up your home during the holiday season.

Order November's Candle of the Month

October 30, 2014

New article published:

Mia Bella Show On The Go With Candles

Our Show on the Go with Candles allows the Scent-Sations’ Distributor to leverage our time and efforts. Who doesn’t want to make more money in the least amount of time? While we may say we are in business to make money with candles, what we really want is the time freedom that the money brings. Time to spend doing the things we really want to do.

Mia Bella’s Show on the Go is ideal for the Distributor who has limited time, yet has a goal of earning an extra $300 - $1,200 (or more a month) in retail income. With the potential over time to create a substantial residual income by building a team of business partners that also want to create extra income by sharing our natural candles and melts through the Show on the Go.


October 28, 2014

Congratulations to Molly Calvert of PA for her promotion today to Diamond+ Distributor. She has sponsored five new team members. Molly has primarily been able to achieve this through our innovative "Show on the Go" program. A Hostess simply shares a bag of goodies with her friends and family. The goody bag consists of a Mia Bella Candle loaner jar and wickless candles scent samples in our top sellers. Hostesses earn incredible rewards for showing their bag while on the go... and then decide it is so much fun that they want to be a part of sharing the candle business with others as well and become Scent-Sations Distributors.

So Proud of you Molly, this is only the beginning for you.

October 28, 2014

Today I began my career with Scent-Sations back in 2003... so eleven years ago. My daughter was just a baby. I made a commitment to my family that I would be home to raise my children and I have been able to fulfill that commitment. My daughter has never been in daycare. She has been at my side as I work my candle business all these years (she is now 11 years old).

I remember the incredible joy I experienced when she began school full time -- that meant I had accomplished a BIG dream. That is what I love best about this candle business... the opportunity to coach others to achieve their dreams now. It is so exciting to see team members dig deep to find their "why", set a plan in place and then go after it.

Really feeling blessed today that I am "Coaching The Dream."


October 26, 2014

Find out why we are so excited to make money with candles! It's simple and it's profitable. We have a proven system that will help you earn $500 your first month in business! And then there is NO limits to what you can earn.  

Request your free information packet 

October 25, 2014

Mia Bella News - Scent-Sations Newsletter

Read the Mia Bella News Now

The Mia Bella Show on the Go with Candles continues to gain incredible momentum!

"I just completed my first "Show on the Go" and my sales were over $300! I love this!”
Sandra Blake

Someone beginning their business today with the Show Pack for $134.95 (plus shipping and sales tax), could make their initial investment back with their very first show! How exciting is that. Our new Distributors can make $500 a month in retail sales and many are building toward $500 in residual income on top of that.

While the Shows on the Go are gaining in popularity because of the simplicity and flexibility, Scent-Sations Distributors are also able to make money with candles doing Booths and Shows.   

"I sold $500 of Scent-Sations products in 2 days!"
Cheryl Rotruck

And yet others grow their home candle business online because of the wide exposure.

"My October sales are all from my FB friends I sent scent samples to. On Facebook I posted the following: "Does anyone want scent-samples and I got 30 requests! I was really excited because I actually didn't expect that (I expected to fail). This I the first business I've been in that I've actually made money in!"
Gina Miller-Lopina


Congratulations to Alison Boers and Keira Feagley for being Top Sponsors and Edward Keller and Lisa Meiluta for being Top Retailers for the month of September!

October 23, 2014

"She would rather light candles than curse the darkness and her glow has warmed the world." ~~ Adalai E Stevenson


October 21, 2014

Today is National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day. One of our favorite Fall Scents is Pumpkin Cheesecake... so today we celebrate by burning this candle!
National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day!


October 20, 2014

Mia Bella Candle Christmas Scents

Holiday Memories, Home for Christmas, Christmas Pine, Christmas Essence, and Holidays in Paradise are all ON SALE until November 28th! 15% Off.

Each of these Holiday Scents in the 16 oz Jar size are only $16.96

October 17, 2014

Limited Edition Decorative Candles

Our candle maker, Carmen Milazzo, has out done himself with this beautiful, limited edition decorative candle. A refreshing ocean scent combining light florals, ozone, and sea spray. No two hand painted jars are alike. $23.95

October 14, 2014

Scent-Sations Clearance Sale

NEW to the retail store -- Scent-Sations CLEARANCE SECTION. Save $8 on each 16 oz jar candle, save $4 on every 9 oz jar candle and Mia Melts and $6 on every box of Votives.

Check Out the Clearance Sales

October 10, 2014

Save 15% OFF Fall Candle Scents

My favorite time of year for candle scents!! (well, maybe until Christmas). Melting Harvest Time right now.  Save 15% off until October 15th, only a few more days. But hey, if you want 50%, let's talk.

Candles Wholesale

October 9, 2014

Candle for a Cure- Hope Candle supports Cancer Resource Center

Hope - Candle For A Cure - 16oz Jar
A portion of company profits from the sale of this candle will be donated to Candy's Place, A Cancer Resource Center for Cancer Patients and their loved ones.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, show your support by displaying your Hope Candle! You'll get a high end premium natural wax candle while $3 is donated to help cancer patients and their families.


October 1, 2014

Scent-Sations Candle of the Month Is...

Candle of the Month - Cinnamon Raisin Bun

Fragrance: Cinnamon Raisin Bun
Stock Number: JR11300
Description: Smells like fresh cinnamon raisin buns right from the oven!

Order October's Candle of the Month

September 30, 2014

Mia Bella News

Read the Mia Bella News Now

Featured Scent for September is one of my favorites, Harvest Time.
October's featured scent is Cinnamon Raisin Bun.

Alison Boers achieves $2K Diamond Distributor, Read her inspiring story.

My family doesn't focus on whether a candle is burning/melting... they zone in on the scent, which evokes the feeling/the memory. My daughter today says, "It smells like those orange creamsicle shakes at Arby's, where is that smell coming from, you know how I love those shakes?" I was kinda like, "duh (with a little chuckle), the candle melting in the kitchen."  Our scents are so realistic, one doesn't go, "where is that CANDLE smell coming from." But rather, "yum, that smells so good, where's the REAL thing?"

September 6, 2014

Mia Bella Sculptured Fall Candles

Save 15% on these cute Fall Signature Sculptured Candles until October 15!
Jack O'Lantern and Harvest Jack (my favorite!)

Shop Candles Online Now

September 3, 2014

Fall Candle Scents On Sale

Save 15% on our most popular fall scents until October 15th! It's hard to pick a favorite.  With these savings, you don't have to choose... get a couple of your favorites!

Shop Candles Online Now

August 26, 2014

Lots of stories about how awesome this year's Fling was, like none other.
"Fling... All I have to say is WOW!"
"Fling 2014: Life Changing"
"Fling 2014: The Energy Was Contagious!"
"This year's convention was just breathtaking...from all the words of wisdom, inspiring and motivating testimonials, great conversations, and the best finale I've ever heard, seen, or been a part of! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Read the Mia Bella News Now

Convention Awards 2014

Team Players 
Cathy Mahady

Top Enrollers
Alison Boers
Cathy Mahady

Top Retailers
Cathy Mahady

Rising Stars
Alison Boers
Maryellen & Domenick Camorote

July $400 Club
Sandra Blake
Lisa Meiluta

July $300 Club
Maryellen & Domenick Camorote
Jerri Alexander

July $200 Club
Lisette Bouchard

July Top Sponsoring Distributor
Alison Boers

July Top Retailer
Lisa Meiluta

Read the Mia Bella News Now

August 23, 2014

Mia Bella's Business Presentation

Check out our BRAND NEW Business Presentation. Find out what we are all about, why is Scent-Sations so different than any other Direct Sales Company.

August 22, 2014

  • Want to determine your own hours?
  • Tired of working for someone else?
  • Want to STOP living paycheck to paycheck?

3 Minute Video Reveals How I and Other Average People Are Doing It!

August 14, 2014

Orange Dreamsicle Signature Candle

In Honor of National Creamsicle Day - we have an awesome special for you!

20% off our Orange Dreamsicle Signature Candle!

You'll be taken back to a hot summer day with this cool, refreshing ice cream treat.

Shop Candles Online


August 13, 2014

Mia Bella's Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Candle

Fresh out of the oven---sweet, delicious cookies with notes of brown sugar and spice! Comes in 16 oz, 9 oz and Mia Melts.

Special continues throughout the month of August. Get your 15% off NOW.

Shop Candles Online

August 12, 2014

Mia Bella's Peach Smoothie Candle

We know how much you love the new Peach Smoothie Mia Melts....getting that formula into the 9 and 16 oz jars was more technical, but our master candle Maker, Carmen Milazzo has just shouted "Eureka" which is the green light for Scent-Sations to announce that the 9 oz and 16 oz Peach Smoothie candles are available

 Order Peach Smoothie 16oz Jar


August 7, 2014

Mia Bella's No-More Candle Line

Don't miss the special 15% off this month on the NEW Stress No-More and the Hungry No-More Candles just released by Scent-Sations.

Order Online Now

August 5, 2014

Mia Bella's No More Candle Line

Scent-Sations has introduced two new candles to our Mia Bella's No-More Candle Line. Hungry No-More and Stress No-More!

And throughout the month of August, we are offering 15% off these MUST HAVE candles.

Order Online Now

August 3, 2014

Announcing the $500 Movement at Scent-Sations Convention

#500to500 #JoinTheMovement #GotMyFive #FiveGetFive #DoItAgain

My business partners and I on stage at the Scent-Sations Company Convention introducing the NEW $500 Movement.

As leaders, our goal is to teach the distributor base how to sponsor five people who are committed to sponsoring five people who will do the same.

I am looking for my next set of five...is that you? I will coach you to earn $500 in residual income (income that comes in month after month for the work you do one time). And that's just where we'll start!

YES! I want to join the movement

July 31, 2014

According to the DSA the percentage of households with a direct seller living in that household was less than 14%!!

This means that 86% of all households do not have anyone who is enrolled in a direct marketing business. The potential is still huge for those getting involved in MLM today.

More and more data is coming to light that those who treat their MLM business LIKE a real business are reaping incredible financial rewards. It is our job to get that work out to the masses of people who are still non-commited to this industry!!
~~Charlie Umphred VP

Congratulations to Sandra Blake, Rachel Lindsey, Danna Gagnon for making the $200 Club!

Congratulations to Alison Boers for making the Gold Circle for Top Sponsoring in June.

Read Mia Bella News

July 8, 2014

Scent-Sations Company Events

Scent-Sations will be conducting their annual company convention July 21-23rd. Here is the Free to Relax Team at one of our regional events in Texas.

Convention means new programs, new products, new scents .. lots of fun new things! Stay in touch to hear what will be announced!

July 3, 2014

Mia Bella Chocolate Cherry Cream on sale

July 7 is Chocolate Day! Scent-Sations is offering 15% off Mia Bella's Chocolate Cherry Cream Candle in 16 oz through July 8th!

Chocolate Day is the perfect opportunity to eat you favorite chocolates in ample portions. Do you really need another excuse to over indulge with your favorite food treat?

Chocolate is America's favorite flavor. It's the flavor of choice in candies, ice cream, cakes, breakfast cereal, toppings, and a whole host of desserts. Unequaled in popularity, it certainly deserves a day in it's honor.

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July 1, 2014

Scent-Sations Candle of the Month Is...

Mia Bella Candles - Cucumber Melon - Candle of the Month

Fragrance: Cucumber Melon
Stock Number: JR11500
Description: This favorite scent of many is fresh and cool smelling like a breath of fresh air.

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June 29, 2014

Scent-Sations Dermal Renu Sunshield

It's summer time! And despite all the rain we have been having here in the Midwest, it's still essential to have sunscreen.

Scent-Sations offers a broad spectrum SPF 15 protection. This light weight, water resistant, mineral based sunscreen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, while antioxidants fight against skin damage, giving your skin a youthful radiance. Soothing extracts help reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin.

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June 24, 2014

Mia Bella Summer Candle Scents

Bahama Breeze, Caribbean Cooler.. ummmmmmmmmmmm. Sounds awesome, doesn't it! Save 15% off our limited line of summer themed candles. Beautiful colors, beautiful scents.

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