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Cathy Mahady
Team Leader and
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Minneapolis, MN


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Best Home Business -
Make Money Working From Home with Your Own Candle Business


Best Home Business


Benefits of an At Home Business

  • Greater flexibility to work around family, school, or other employment; determine your own hours
  • More time available for the things that are important to you; work to live, not live to work
  • Less stress; more control over life and career decisions; be your own boss
  • Achieve greater productivity; get more done in less time
  • Accomplish something of significance; leave a legacy for your family
  • What's your reason?

One of the best home business models is Direct Selling. This industry did over $32 BILLION in sales in the US in 2013 and 16.8 million people in the US are involved in Direct Selling.¹ It's also one of the fastest growing business models in the world.

Warren Buffet and Richard Branson, some of the wealthiest businessmen in the world, each have owned a Network Marketing company. A testament to the legitimacy of the profession.

Why is starting a home business in Direct Sales so popular? Because it let's "ordinary people" just like you and me achieve extraordinary results! It doesn't require a formal education, large investment, or a specific business location.

Instead of investing in expensive advertising, Direct Sales companies invest in its distributor base. They pay us to share the products with our friends and family instead of using overpaid celebrities, who don't even use the product.

Many people today see the value of controlling their schedule and having the flexibility to work when and where they want. There is so much more to LIFE than work.

The best home business allows one to work from any location, whether that is from home, the beach, the mountains... or the desert! It doesn't require a business location. As long as you have a computer and a phone, you are in business.

In fact, you don't even really need that. Some product and a willingness to show others that product is all it REALLY takes. I have a business partner that travels around the country with her truck driving husband. She earns an income by simply sharing the best smelling candles on the market with those she meets.

We get paid to talk about what we love!


Plan Your Professional Life Around Your Personal Life!

At Home Business with Scent-Sations


Eliminate commuting, traffic hassles, and car expenses! Think of all those hours you spend in the car on the way to and from work. All the headaches that come from fighting traffic, Yuck!

The American Community Survey by the US Census Bureau found that Americans spend more than 100 hours commuting to work annually. That's an equivalent of two and a half weeks of vacation, just wasted.

But when you make money working from home, you don't have to worry about this. This is one of my favorite advantages to having an at home business.

An at home business doesn't have all the hassles of a traditional business. No employees, no overhead, no large investment in inventory.

So now you know why the ability to make money working from home is the BEST option. But why Scent-Sations, Inc and Mia Bella Candles? There are other candle companies out there, so why this candle company?


Why is Mia Bella Candles the BEST home business?

Well, let's start with the product, our natural candles are:

Mia Bella Products has the Best Home Business!

  • Made from high-quality natural palm wax – no petroleum
  • Use only premium fragrances
  • Clean burning candles – virtually soot free
  • Lead-free, cotton wicks
  • Long burning – higher melting point allows our natural candles to burn more slowly and more brightly
  • Burn completely, with no tunneling or left over wax on the sides of the jar
  • Hold the scent throughout the burn, from top to bottom
  • Displays a beautiful crystallized texture – not a dull, waxy finish
  • Color stability produces the most stunning vibrant and deep colors
  • Cleans up with hot soapy water
  • Biodegradable
  • Most importantly, natural candles are non-toxic

Now let's talk about the money!

Make Money Working from Home with Candles

  • Low, affordable monthly bundle option of only $39.95 a month

  • Pays seven levels deep

  • 5-10% commission on the 1st level

  • 2-5% commission on levels 2-7

  • Monthly Sponsoring Bonuses

  • Car Bonus program at the Diamond Director level

  • Incomes based upon true residual income and not just sign on bonuses

  • Steady, consistent paychecks

  • Low attrition rates

Review our Compensation Plan


Why is Mia Bella Candles one of THE BEST candle companies?

Scent-Sations Competitor
Getting Started Package   $59.95   $99.00
Active Membership   $39.95 / month   $150 / 3 months
Company Website   $0   $10 a month
Commission on Personal Sales   20 - 60%   20 - 36%
Leadership Requirements   $300 personal sales   $500 personal sales
Commission on Team Volume   2 - 10%   2 - 9%

So I hope I have been able to show you a career that allows you to make money working from home is a great alternative to the traditional work that many engage in. And why we believe that Scent-Sations and Mia Bella Candles is the BEST home business!

After looking at the huge benefits of an at home business and the facts about what makes us so different than one of the leading candle companies, is starting a home business with one of the BEST candle companies the best decision for YOU?


Get Started


¹ http://www.dsa.org/about-dsa/faqs


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