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The clean burning candle company, Scent-Sations, Inc., featuring Mia Bella Gourmet Natural Candles offers the ability to make money from home through retailing, fundraising, vendor program, and recruiting in the healthier alternative candle market.


Free Candle Business Information

Request a free Candle Business Information Packet with Scent Sample Sachets be mailed to your home today. In addition, you will receive as a bonus, our comprehensive Candle Business eCourse. This will teach you about the various ways that distributors on the Free to Relax Team are making money with Scent-Sations, Inc. and Mia Bella Candles.


Best Home Business

We want to show you a career that allows you to make money working from home is a great alternative to the traditional work environment. And why we believe that Scent-Sations and Mia Bella Candles is the BEST home business! Find out why our products and our compensation plan makes us one of the best candle companies in both the traditional retail market and the Direct Selling market as well.


Make Money with Candles

HOW do we make money with gourmet scented candles? With our unique home business opportunity, you can make money by choosing various options of retailing, fundraising, establishing vendor accounts, and team building. This is YOUR business, so you are free to run it however you choose!


Raise Money with Candles

Contact me to learn more about how you can use our candle fundraising program to earn 40% profit for your group. A Candle Fundraiser is profitable and fun! If you are looking for easy fundraising ideas with exceptional profits to support your cause, give me call. We have the perfect candle fundraiser for you.


Selling Candles from Home

What happens when you combine two effective and highly successful business models: Direct Selling and Gourmet Candles? You get a lot of excited businesspeople making money, discovering work / family harmony, and having fun building their own home-based candle business, featuring Mia Bella Candles.


Show On The Go

It's a lifestyle, not a home party. You want a home business, right, so why spend all your time in someone else's home!  Our Distributors make a substantial living with our "Mia Bella Show On The Go" System. Get into profit your very first month in business!


Buy Candles Wholesale

Want to burn the finest gourmet candles on the market, but want to pay less for the best? Why pay retail when you can buy Mia Bella Candles wholesale!


Candle of the Month Club

Our Candle of the Month Club is a charming way to say thanks, offer good wishes, or say I'm thinking of you year-round to friends, family or business associates or engage in a little self-indulgence with the best scented candles on the market!


Residual Income

Once you dismiss the myths, assumptions, and falsehoods you might have about Network Marketing (MLM), you may discover that it IS just what you've been looking for all along. Get the facts on what this profession really is and what it can mean to you.


Business Compensation Plan

Take a look at Scent-Sations, Inc. generous pay plan that compensates 7 levels deep and infinitely wide. Along with car bonuses and no cap on income per leg.


Team Benefits

The Light Your Dream Team is one of the fastest growing teams in Mia Bella Candles. It's because of the proven system we have in place to assist our partners in getting a jump start on their business, as well as the long term, consistent training and support that is offered. Find out what makes the Light Your Dream Team so unique.


The Dream

While much of this website is teaching you about how we market Mia Bella Candles and other gourmet products, that's not the REAL product. The real product we offer is the dream. The chance to live your dreams. It's time to start believing your dream is possible!


Free Candle Drawing

Enter weekly for a chance to win a FREE Wax Melter and bag of Mia Melts. You have to enter to win!


Business Presentation Options

Get more detailed information on Scent-Sations, Inc., the Light Your Dream Team, and the four ways we make money from home through Retailing, Fundraising, Vendor Program, and Team Building. Recorded multimedia tour video, live presentation webinar, our exclusive Candle Business eCourse, and Company Newsletters are available for you to fully research this business opportunity.


How to Start a Candle Business

Our candle business is about creating and reliving memories with incredibly realistic scents. Are you ready to take advantage of owning a candle business with Scent-Sations, Inc. so you can do the same? Read what you can expect in the process of registering, selecting your choice of your monthly program, and selecting your getting started package option.


About Cathy Mahady

Who is Cathy Mahady? I invite you to learn about me and what I can offer you in partnership. You'll be coached by a team that is committed to your success.


Natural Candles

Mia Bella’s Natural Candles are a superior candle because they are made in the USA using a proprietary natural palm wax formula that is non-toxic! Natural palm wax candles are an environmentally friendly product as it comes from a sustainable and renewable source and produces remarkably clean burning candles.


Custom Candles

Mia Bella offers Custom Candles to create a personalized and memorable gift as an individual wanting to celebrate someone, or a business that wants to say, "Thank You," or a group that wants to raise funds.


Wickless Candles

Mia Bella Candles offers the traditional wicked candle, but we also offer wildly popular Wickless Candles as an alternative as well. This gives you the exceptionally pleasing fragrances of a scented candle but without the flame.


Mia Melts by Mia Bella's

Mia Bella's Candles offers the traditional wicked candle, but we also offer wildly popular Mia Melts as an alternative to a flame as well. This gives you the exceptionally pleasing fragrances of a scented candle but without the flame.


Unique Candles

No matter what you're looking for, we have unique candles that will make a huge impression on your gift recipient. Whether choosing from our bakery line, our signature line, our charity line, or the wine collection, you'll feel good about gifting one of these specialty candles. Make it special, try something novel and extraordinary.


Pumpkin Scented Candles

Fall brings everything Pumpkin. And that is no different in the scented candle world. Pumpkin scented candles always top the list of best smelling fall candle scents. Make Mia Bella's Pumpkin Scented Candles a part of your Fall Memories.


Fall Scented Candles

What's your idea of a perfect Fall Day? Is it baking a hot apple pie, a walk through the leaf fallen autumn woods, cozying up to a fireside, or attending a Fall pumpkin festival? Let our Fall Scented Candles enhance your Fall days.


Holiday Candles

Holiday candles create the feeling of magic during the Holiday season, a feeling only experienced when we come together as family and friends. Let Mia Bella's Gourmet Candles be a part of your Holiday season by decorating with and gifting our best Holiday candles.


Valentine Day Gifts

We celebrate the someone special in our lives and our appreciation and love for our kids and friends too, by the giving of Valentine Day Gifts. Celebrate the essence of love with the best Valentine Day Gifts!


St Patrick's Day Gifts

Indulge yourself with this amazing scent that blends French roast coffee and Irish Crème; we call Bella's Irish Cream. Don't wait because it only comes around once a year on St Patrick's Day.


Spring Scented Candles

Spring is in the Air with Mia Bella's Spring Scented Candles! Whether you choose floral scents, fruity scents, or fresh and clean spring scents, our spring scents bring a sense of renewal to your home every Spring.


Summer Candle Scents

Bring in summer with Peace, Love & Watermelon or Pineapple Cilantro or maybe Melon Margarita scents. Or enjoy the outdoors with our Bugs No More! Or do a little California Dreaming. The best memories are made in flip flops while enjoying our Summer Scented Candles.


Vanilla Candles

Good news for those who are wild about all things vanilla. Mia Bella Candles offers a variety of wildly popular vanilla candles. The Vanilla scent is so good at conjuring feelings of warmth and familiarity. And nothing says "warmth" more than a candle. This combination of vanilla and candles has the power to evoke vivid and pleasant memories.


Candle News

Learn what's new in the candle industry and our Light Your Dream Team. Get updates about our candle company, Scent-Sations, Inc, including information on new products, new scents, testimonials, distributor success stories and more!


Free Business Coaching Newsletter and Coaching Consultation

"Coaching The Dream" Newsletter empowers others with home business education, training, and coaching. Be sure to join my business coaching newsletter. Request a free 20-minute coaching consultation with me. My desire is to coach you to achieve the life of your dreams and reach YOUR full potential.


Coaching The Dream Blog

Follow my journey in Network Marketing through my 'Coaching The Dream' Blog. Gain knowledge and information about owning your own home candle business, as I share tips, stories, and experiences that have resulted in my achievement of being a successful business coach.


Online Catalog

View an online presentation of our product lines. Pictures and descriptions are available. Also be sure to take a look at our additional products... including our bath bar.


Request a Mailed Catalog

Prefer to hold a catalog and flip through the colorful pictures and descriptions of our Mia Bella's Candles? Want to share the candle catalog with friends? Request a mailed catalog with a scent sample!


Shop Online

We invite you to purchase one of these gourmet scented candles if you have never tried one before. See why our customers call the Mia Bella "the best burning candle."


Sign Up Now

We believe that after viewing this information you'll be ready to get started in your own home based candle business. Let us help you to build your future with the Light Your Dream Team and Mia Bella Candles.


Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me by phone at 952.239.0635 or email CoachingTheDream@gmail.com to discuss your desires to own your own home based candle business.


Candle Care and Safety Tips

These simple reminders will help you to get the most enjoyment out of your candle burning experience.


Privacy Policy

Policy on how your private information is handled, how you may prevent receiving future correspondences from us, and how sensitive information is transferred over secure servers.


Quick Overview of the Essential Facts About Mia Bella Candles

Find out what makes Mia Bella Candles different, how can you make money with candles, how you get started, and MORE!


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